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Launched in December of 2019 with a boost from the Nevada OHV funding grant, SSORA is Nevada’s primary Off-Road Resource for Clubs Enthusiasts and Interest Groups.
Helping Nevada’s Off-Road Community put their registrations dollars back where they belong – in the the Dirt and Sand of Nevada, though promoting stewardship of trails addressing legislative issues surrounding Land Use, Trails, and promoting use that minimizes conflict between all the Off-Road disciplines

SORRA does this by grant submission assistance, inter-club, coordination.

SSORA facilitates coordination between all Federal, State, and Private stakeholders, as well as National OHV associations, councils, and their supporters.

All while promoting safe and responsible Off-Road recreation.

No! While SSORA is funded from a Grant paid for my OHV registrations, SSORA is taking the holistic approach with everyone who enjoys trails and recreating Off-Road is welcome. Whether you are a hiker, a dog walker, equestrian, mountain biker, or a member of the ever-expanding motorized community, SSORA wants you to participate in the processes and projects SSORA undertakes. It is though the additioan funding of memberships and sponsors from the diverse Off-Road Recreation community that SSORA will continue to grow as a resource and ally for everyone who enjoys the wide open Public Lands in Nevada.
No, SSORA is a small group of enthusiasts with a governing bord of directors drawn from a wide swath of interests that are applicable to the mission for SSORA these include members recruited and representing:
  • Motorcycle
  • Off-Highway Vehicle 4-Wheel Drive (ATV or Side-by-Side)
  • Registered 4-Wheel Drive
  • Off-Highway Vehicle Competition (Race Organization)
  • Land Use
  • Industry (OHV Equipment Manufacturer)
  • Local OHV Retail
  • National OHV Organization
  • Allied Recreationalist (Equestrian Hunters, MTB, etc)
Additionally, SSORA seeks guidance from two governmental positions drawn from the State of Nevada and Federal Land Managers.

No- SORRA only expects members to follow the Nevada regulations pertaining to the active engaged.

SSORA promotes a positive Trail Stewardship approach in all decisions.

SSORA strongly encourages the use of appropriate Personal Protective equipment and the principles championed by
!Tread Lightly!

Protecting Access to Public Lands, keeping trails and riding areas open for everyone.

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