SSORA is operating to protect your off-road recreational opportunities throughout the Silver State and beyond. We know the laws and regulations, as well as the government agencies and delegates at the local, state and federal level so you don’t have to get “dirty” and can focus on actually playing in the dirt.  While many in the off-road community may agree with Mark Twain – it is clear we need to be at the table in order to protecting our access to the public lands. For too long we have taken for granted our largely unfettered access to public lands in the West, believing that it would continue indefinitely into the future. While admirable, our rugged individualism has worked to our detriment in the policy, law making and access fronts.

We are getting our ass handed to us by better organized recreational groups (check out Friends of Nevada Wilderness and the policy makers whose ear they have been bending for years. Where have you been? Actually using the back country trails? Good for you! But, you may not have access to those opportunities if you don’t take action now, with bills like the Washoe County Lands Bill (now the Truckee Meadows Public Lands Management Act). You haven’t heard of it, or the Douglas County, Pershing County or Clark County Lands Bills? Well, if you enjoy access to public lands you should know about them, or at least sponsor SSORA, so we can protect your rights. You understand that the TMPLMA is proposing to sell off major chunks of BLM public lands to city and county for private development from the North Valleys up through the Petersen Mountain Range to the Pah Rah Range.  Did you see the Map? !They call this the “Disposal Boundary”. What

Do you think that means to your trail heads, your trails, your access to currently public lands?

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