SSORA operates to protect your off-road recreation throughout the Silver State and beyond. We know the laws and regulations, as well as the key decision makers so you don’t have to get “dirty” and can focus on actually playing in the dirt.

While many in the off-road community may agree with Mark Twain – it is clear we need to be at the table in order to protect our access to the public lands. For too long we have taken for granted our largely unfettered access to public lands in the West, believing that it would continue indefinitely into the future. While admirable, our rugged individualism has worked to our detriment in the policy, law making and access fronts.

Now is the time for us to come together to protect our access to public lands. We must take action on upcoming legislation that threatens to block access such as the Washoe County Lands Bill (now the Truckee Meadows Public Lands Management Act), and the Douglas County, Pershing County or Clark County Lands Bills. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with these upcoming fights, or better yet, join SSORA and let us advocate for you. With the support of all outdoor recreationists, joined together underneath SSORA, we can protect our access and ensure stewardship of these resources. These initiatives if passed will restrict your access to your trail heads, your favorite trails, and limit overall access to what are supposed to be OUR public lands?

By Joining SSORA you will

  • Be kept up to date on the latest regarding access issues though the Members Only page.
  • Be directed where to go and who to contact with your voice. (Links to policy makers and form letters will be provided).
  • Have SSORA’s voice with land managers and government agencies.

By Joining SSORA we will

  • Assist you in acquiring and managing grants from organizations such as the Nevada OHV Commission for projects such as establishing, maintaining and signing YOUR favorite trails. We have several projects in the works already.
  • Assist you with access issues, such as gates and other impediments to access to YOUR public resources and lands. (Discounted Litigation services available).
  • Assist you in acquiring permits for your local events with land mangers (Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management).
  • And more

Today’s the day to join SSORA and help protect our public lands.

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