SILVER STATE OFF-ROAD ALLIANCE YOUR PARTNER FOR NEVADA OFF-ROAD RECREATION SORRA’s mission is to help establish new and maintain existing trails through responsible stewardship, as well as ensure access to our public lands. SSORA will provide individual enthusiasts, clubs and established organizations with education, training and support related to protecting recreational opportunities throughout the Silver State. Our focus will be assisting offroad groups navigate the maze of regulations, laws, government agencies and land managers in accomplishing real-world results. We operate as a liaison with other public land stakeholders whose actions impact outdoor recreation. SSORA, through its affiliated organization Great Basin Policy Partners, will act as a centralized and effective voice for the off-road community with our local, state and federal policy makers who govern the use of our public lands.

Where necessary, SSORA and GBPP have the legal expertise necessary to enforce the protection and access to our offroad recreational opportunities. SSORA started with a generous grant from the Nevada Commission on Off-Highway Vehicles ( to fill this role and help the OHV Community become a united front.


First, the off-road community must appreciate we are getting left behind by better organized recreational groups and the policy makers whose ear they have been bending for years. Where have you been? Actually using the back country trails? Good for you! But, you may not have access to those opportunities if you don’t take action now, with bills like the Washoe County Lands Bill (now the Truckee Meadows Public Lands Management Act) and Clark County Lands Bill. You haven’t heard of it, or the Douglas County or Pershing County Lands Bills? At this time the proposed Truckee Meadows Land Bill is seeking to sell off major chunks of BLM public lands to city and county entities for private development. They call this the “Disposal Boundary”. What do you think that means to your trail heads, your trails, your access to currently public lands? This doesn’t even include the effort to expand “wilderness” designations which will completely eliminate mechanized recreational opportunities. This is not isolated to Washoe County. Take a look at the Clark County Bill. It is even worse. But all is not lost. There are opportunities . . . BECOME A MEMBER NOW!

As part of the Membership you will enjoy the following benefits: 1. You will be kept up to date on the latest regarding access issues through the Members Only page. 2. You will be directed where to go and who to contact with your voice. (Links to policy makers and form letters will be provided). 3. You will have SSORA’s voice with land managers and government agencies. 4. We will provide training and educational opportunities for your membership about the rules and regulations that apply to OHV use, directly and through our partners. 5. We will assist in acquiring permits for your local events with land mangers (Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management). Discounted insurance available through your membership. 6. We will assist in acquiring and managing grants from organizations such as the Nevada OHV Commission for projects such as establishing, maintaining, and signing YOUR favorite trails. We have several projects in the works already. 7. We will assist you with access issues, such as gates and other impediments to access to YOUR public resources and lands. (Discounted Litigation services available). JOIN NOW! -Membership 1. Individual (Iron) $50 Per Year 2. Group (Aluminum) $250 Per Year 3. Sustaining (Magnesium) $500+ Per Year 4. Lifetime (Titanium) $2,500 5. Patron (Carbon) $5,000+ MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION SSORA.ORG SILVER STATE OFF-ROAD ALLIANCE THE VOICE FOR NEVADA OFF-ROAD RECREATION Executive Director: Paul E. Quade, Esq. Managing Director: Mathew Giltner

Our active Board of Directors enjoys representatives from the following areas: • Motorcycle • Off-Highway Vehicle 4-Wheel Drive • Registered 4-Wheel Drive • Off-Highway Vehicle Competition • Land Use • Industry (OHV Equipment Manufacturer) • Local OHV Retail • National OHV Organization • Allied Recreationalist SSORA is a 501(c)(3) is a non-profit educational organization for the public benefit.


SSORA’s principal office is located at:

216 E. Liberty Street
Reno, Nevada 89501
(775) 329-9679



TRAILS Whatever your purpose, be reminded that the small, unassuming trails typically do not have gates or tolls and have few rules of the road. They do not discriminate or care who travels upon them. Onl y their appointed stewards applying a layer of often unenforced regulation via a simple legend will possibly pass judgment. At any given moment, those trails exist only to accommodate whatever journey the traveler is on in their own soul and with whatever conveyance. That is what makes the humble trail the pinnacle. They exist so one can let go of worldly concerns created by the network of purposeful trails. Which leads to a few respectful observations about these myriad of unheralded pathways: Follow your own trail, whether it be established by intentional human endeavor, natural happenstance or instinctive drive. Respect natural contours, established trails and practices, and other travelers. Where possible do not impose on others your conception of what that trail should represent. Always remember that without what came before you – human, animal, plant and mineral alike – there would be no possible trail. And most importantly, find yourself on whatever path you choose. SILVER STATE OFF-ROAD ALLIANCE YOUR PARTNER FOR NEVADA OFF-ROAD RECREATION a new organization for a new time In today’s world off-road enthusiasts face battles from a dizzying array of fronts. Land grabs are threatening our access and trails everywhere. From government expansion, privatization and development to endless conservation efforts that seem to be protecting little from real threats. While we may find room to agree with some of these trends and causes, others unfairly and unnecessarily impact our access to our public lands. The fence goes up. The gate is locked and our old stomping grounds disappear. Now is the time to act. Where to start. . .

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